Allan Gardens Conservatory: A Touch of Summer in February


Now and again, nature has a way of inspiring and rejuvenating the soul. Today's mid-February visit to Allan Gardens Conservatory did just that. Opening the door to the garden with all its warmth and greenery made my heart smile, especially after waiting in the cold for a street car, and trekking through the piled high snow at the corner of Carlton and Sherbourne Street, where the garden is located.

We arrived at about 4 o’clock, the sun was getting ready to set. The air inside was damp and hazy, and fogged over our camera lenses. While waiting for our glass to adjust, we started to wander through the garden. First we went right, towards the tropical plants. There were palm trees, cacti, and interesting bright flowers. The low-angled sun found ways to weave its romantic rays through the leaves, warming our faces whenever we stepped into them. The creation of this part of the garden was amazing - hundreds of different, delicious hues and shapes for us to photograph, most of which neither of us had seen before.


Once we’d gotten a few good shots, we walked back towards the entrance so we could explore the other side of the garden, which spans over 16,000 square feet. The architecture of the 100 year old conservatory, with its white wood framed windows, and huge curved glass ceiling, had a Victorian feel to it. We both couldn’t help but notice the detail the gardeners had each laboured so carefully to create, and maintain in this wonderful masterpiece!  What a calming, quiet experience to walk through this botanical sanctuary, displaying 100’s of beautiful plant life from all over the world.


A Nelson

127 Lippincott St, Ontario, Canada